Your Mum is ALWAYS part of who you are!?

 A whole new world, my own little world to tell my stories. Thanks for your support and for reading my “blob!” as my Mr 7 calls it.

Do you ever have moments during your day when you hear your Mother’s voice coming out of your own mouth? You may even look in the mirror and in some weird way you can see her face starring back at you?  You smooth your crows feet with your fingers and pout your lips, convince yourself you still look 21 and off you go.

This morning, my Mother’s voice came flying out of my mouth, with NO warning whatSOever:

Get up? Are you up? I am NOT going to tell you again! Get up! Get dressed! Make your bed! Eat your breakfast! Make your bed! Eat your breakfast! Did you flush the toilet? Oh who did that? Stop pulling your sister’s hair! Stop hitting your brother, stop rolling on the dog! Blow your nose! For the LOVE OF GOD- GET BLOODY DRESSED! Wipe your bottom!  I have told you ONCE, I have told you TWICE, I won’t tell you AGAIN! Now, have you brushed your teeth? Don’t you snarl at me! Put your shoes on, feed the dog and NOW GET IN THE CAR FOR THE LOVE OF MARY, JESUS and JOSEPH!

We’ve heard it all before, I know, and yet, we really have no control over this voice! NO control whatSOever…..

(NOTE:  Chances are you will repeat the above words tomorrow!)

The beautiful lady who you harshly, yet loveably, cursed many times throughout your teenage years, really does have an impact on the person you are today – she’s always there in your genes deep in your tiny little DNA cells.

Quick, Mum is on her way to visit us –  the following ritual in my home is performed at quite a fast pace, by me, of course:

  • Puff cushions
  • Clean the pantry
  • Spray and wipe the benches
  • Strategically vacuum whole entire house.
  • Squirt squirt a little lavendar Glenn 20
  • Squirt a good amount of bleach in the toilet bowl!
  • Spray and wipe benches again
  • More bleach in the bowl!

Why is this?? Is it that there is a deep part of us all that craves her approval?  Even as we start gliding into our 40s, 50s, 60s and above?

When does the little girl in all of us disappear?  Does she ever?

So I didn’t become the Hollywood Actress!  I also didn’t become the Professor of Nuclear Science and Brain Surgery Mum MAY have dreamed of when I was born.  You may be surprised to read that  I didn’t even become a super-model or an Olympic Gold Medalist! Nope… Nothin……. I am just average. Nothing more or nothing less of Miss Average.

I know one thing definately, I am one very good thing.  I am my Mother’s Daughter and nothing will ever change that no matter how average I look, how average I feel and how old I am.  Thanks Mum, I love you xx

Giddy Up.





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