Have a go Mate!

Well you may want a grab a coffee/wine for this week’s blog.

Hope you have all had a good week.  I survived the 50 km.  I did it! There was a great deal of satisfaction to think I traveled that far on foot with no injuries except sore hips, terrible blisters and a missing toenail. If you had of asked me 5 years ago, if I ever thought I would do an event like this, the answer would have been to laugh and be repulsed at the thought.  How things have changed.  The route was tough, hot and sunny.  Even under a hat, sunnies and 55 layers of 50 Plus sunscreen, I could still feel my skin burning – the sun was harsh and it felt like it was biting through my skin.   Around the 35 km mark, the girls and I became quite silly and possibly delusional – cracking jokes that weren’t funny and breaking wind because we no longer had the energy to hold the sneaky little suckers in.

Crossing the finish line was an amazing personal feeling of achievement, a natural feeling of excitement that lasted for days –  I DID IT!

Yesterday my family, friends and I went to Bonnyvale – competing in the EF BonnyVale Bash!  What a great day! I had never been to Bonnyvale before.  I was roped into this event by my bossy trainer.  She is very persistent and as much as I tried to fight her, she knew I could do it and would enjoy the event, so before I knew it, our names were down on the list. I often tell her I am going to ‘break up’ with her – this weird relationship I have with this tiny little lady – whose voice gets into my head, pushes me outside my comfort zone and has me up and out of bed at 5.06 am to run the streets or sand-hills. Truth is, if I broke up with her, I would get lazy and wouldn’t be half the motivated person I am today. So for this I thank my tiny little trainer.

Back to Bonnyvale – just our luck – another stinking hot day. The start gun blows and we are all sprinting down the beach, well I felt like I was sprinting. We were all in teams of 4. The race involved: beach running, bush running, road running, 4 swims, 2 kayaks and a boogie board paddle!

Fantastic day! (All organised by that same disciplined, strong and tiny little trainer girl). The atmosphere was awesome, with all good sports around me, running past my friends and hearing “GO BraineO”, made me feel happy and part of a wonderful and caring community. Everyone cheered everyone on – we were all winners. It was a great display of friendships and sportsmanship – in that it was all for fun and we were all out there having a go! As I ran yesterday, the thing I enjoyed hearing the most were all the kids cheering on their parents, yelling out “Go Mum” or “Go Dad” – what great role models these people are for their children, teaching their kids to get out there and ‘have a go!’.

By the time we finished, my legs were shaking and I was stuffed. A quick beer to celebrate with friends, straight to the shower and lipstick reapplied.

So I guess my point of this week’s blog is – Just have a go! If I can, anyone can. Trust me…. The truth is, I would never ever dare to put myself in a category of being good at any sport, I can be quite inconsistent and, at times, I fall off the wagon – but I manage to get back out there, find the energy and the love of running.

I really feel my 40’s are going to be the best years. I have realised a few things about myself:

I am stronger than I think!

Now get out there and have a go Mate!

Giddy up……..



6 thoughts on “Have a go Mate!

  1. Deb says:

    So glad to have been out there with you Lisa. It was tough but fun and we did it, well I did most of it! Love these bogs they are brilliant.


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