My Parents……

WOW! Time flies when you are having a hoot! I have just returned from a 10 day holiday to the incredibly “large” (first word that comes to my mind) New York City! The city that never sleeps, has more bargains than I have had roast dinners, has a sky line that, honestly, took my breath away and this constant buzz, even as you lay in bed at night, you can still feel this ‘buzz’ of pure energy.

Kicked a major goal – I ran around Central Park (not the whole thing), but I gave it a good go. It was particularly cold on this day – but I had packed the right clothing and I did it! It is an amazing park, and if you haven’t been there – you should consider putting this on your bucket list.

Many people have asked the highlight of my trip, and I would have to say, without sounding like a piggy – I think the highlight for me was some of the amazing food that I ate. We went to some really beautiful restaurants, and I indulged in a very selfish way, the most beautiful food I have ever eaten in my life.

With it’s heavy traffic, massive population, emergency sirens, dirty subways, freezing cold temperatures and 2 fun and outgoing girlfriends by my side, I had the time of my life! Thank you NYC!   I WILL BE BACK………(with more money).

As a ‘new age woman’, I take the internet for granted, I take advantage of this incredible technology more often that I would like to admit. Why wouldn’t I? Amongst many things, this technology saves me time and money! Around New York, my friends and I used Google Maps very often, without it, we would have been lost. True story.

We used Google and Trip Advisor to find beautiful restaurants, good shopping, weather conditions for the following day, weather conditions back at home, Skype to see our darling children’s faces and Facebook to stay in our loops of love.

I know many of my parent’s generation are computer savvy. This blog is not about tearing down the generation before mine. Take my Uncle for example, he is incredible on the computer, and loves the fact he is talking to our relatives in UK via Facebook. He loves the fact he can promote his new business via the Internet – he understands the capacity of this incredible gift we all called the “Internet.”

If I look at my Friend List on Facebook, more and more of my parent’s friends are joining up and really enjoying being part of this fantastic, quick and detailed way to ‘stay in touch’.  Last year, I taught my lovely mother-in-law how to use Facebook and drive an I-pad. She is loving her new skills.

Then there is my amazing, fun, caring BUT NOT VERY COMPUTER SAVVY parents! – Tech Savvy Uncle, calls my parents “THE DOTTIES”.

Poor Daddy Dotty rang me at work yesterday in an irate state.  He wanted to go to Noosa to visit Tech Savvy Uncle with Mummy Dotty. Little did he know that when he had so proudly booked the holiday for him and Mummy Dotty via the Internet, he had used a Portuguese website to pay for his flight from Sydney to Noosa and it cost him $890!!!!

Unknowingly, he paid for this journey in Pounds! In Daddy Dotty’s eyes, how could he become involved with a Portuguese travel company? He lives in ‘straylia mate! How could he have paid in pounds? He is only going to ‘friggin’ Noosa to visit Tech Savvy Uncle!

Daddy Dotty was clearly confused and cranky yesterday, and it made me feel a little sad. If people are untrained or have never had use for a computer (no matter what age), life must be difficult at times? Slowly the world is changing, a paperless society?

Is Mummy Dotty the only person on earth, that still has a Bank Book (like the one below)? She has that little piece of history stamped each time she makes a deposit or withdrawal. She goes INSIDE the bank, (how many of you actually go inside the bank?). She lives in fear that the ‘untrusting’  ATM will ‘rip her off’ or steal all her money!! I believe deep down that Mummy Dotty is quite unsure and scared to actually use this technology. For decades, the bank-tellers, yes, they still have bank tellers in banks, have been trying to get the bank books off Mummy Dotty – but she would rather give her left leg or an eye.

Copy of Bank Book!

A small task like paying a bill these days. Mummy Dotty still goes to the post office and makes these payments over the counter – just in-case the computer gets it wrong. She has all her bills delivered by the postman, she puts the cash with the invoice and she goes straight to the post-office. Not a day late!

She gives everyone her email address, but has never ever logged in to see if she has any emails.

It was only about 6 months ago, I bought it to the Dotties attention that they could actually move their ‘laptop’ around the house! That they could put it on their ‘lap’ and unplug it from the power point if they wanted to! Mummy Dotty thought this was a real treat, but still never logged on.

I often show pictures from Facebook or Instagram to Mummy Dotty of our family in the UK, I show her how much the kids have grown and good happy snaps that I do get a lot of enjoyment viewing – she says “OH yes, they are nice, but why do people put all that stuff on there? I am not very interested in what people eat for dinner, its boring.”.

Mum’s probably right in many ways, we expose so much of our lives to everyone (says me who writes a blog and loves a good Facebook posting!) .

So if you are really worried, the two Dotties have just landed in Noosa. They arrived safely and I hope they have a lovely time.

They are quite funny (without even trying) and I love them. We don’t have our parents forever (as many of you know), it’s the memories we make that stay with us for the life time.

Giddy-up and beware of Portuguese travel web-pages!

LB 🙂


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