It’s all about the Serenity Darl…….


Hi Readers.

Big apologies on how long it has taken for me to connect with my inner imagination and write a short story on LIFE! Keep in mind that my blogs are real and are happening in your suburb and the suburb next door!

I have been in a predicament many of us cross as we hit our 30-40s!  Should we renovate our home or move?  Your family is growing, some of the kids are bigger than you!! Your home is ageing as quick as the back of your wrinkly hands and you just cannot handle the green laminate in the kitchen anymore! Oh my goodness! What shall we do?

The real-estate prices are going ‘gang-busters’, how on earth will our kids ever be able to afford to buy a home in this great city!?  Why they may be still at home when they are 45! As my hairdresser says “For Shit’s sake!’. 

My family and I love our home! The location is beautiful, it’s all about the serenity isn’t it?  We love our neighbours and we feel safe, and that is something no amount of money can buy.

Cecil never does anything ‘half arsed’ – its either full throttle or he’s asleep!  SO… as a happily married couple (I am happy, he is married), we decide to renovate! Before I know it, the plans are drawn up, the council plans are approved and the bank has agreed to lend us the amount of money equal to a small coal mine – by looking at this new home of mine on paper – I can only say “Welcome to Club Le – BraineO”.  I am excited.

Day One – Five – The Development and Beginning of Club Le-BraineO

house day 1



So we are off! The demolition is in full force.  Thank goodness we have decided as a happily married couple (I am happy, Cecil is married) that we would move out!  (I failed to tell you that the five of us have moved into a 2 bedroom unit!  It is very cheap and very nasty!  More on that later…)

All of sudden this domestic Goddess is thrusted into a Renovators World:  colours, basins, taps, tiles, bench tops, 50 shades of white, 50 Shades of Grey and the outlay of thousands of dollars per day!

Suddenly I am OBSESSED with the weather and what the builders are going to accomplish in a day.  I have a permanent look of concern plastered on my face, I can’t get enough of renovation tv shows and I have seriously learnt that $$Renovation Currency by far is the most expensive currency in the world!

Cecil visits the house often….he can only be described as resembling Darryl Kerrigan (the Dad) from The Castle! He looks around, tapping at the walls, and feeling the textures and the whole vibe:

“Geee Darl, What have they done here?  Feel the timber here! They have a done a brilliant job on this! Gee Darl, look at the view from the dunny.. I am feeling the serenity just like the days in Bonny Doon!”

“Mate, how much does he want for the spiral staircase? Oh tell him he’s dreamin!”…..

He is so proud – for finally, he can see 20 years of hard work starting to pay off – in the form of his Castle…

As Club Le-BraineO is being erected – the 5 of us are cramped up in a two bedroom unit – even on the nicest of sunniest days the lights have to be turned on.  It is cold and the mould is getting worse and worse as the time goes on!  I have two very hyperactive boys that consistently push the boundaries of noise and insist on playing soccer in the 2m x 2m lounge room!  The only way I can describe their lack of space,  is that of locking up King Kong or capturing Dumbo the Elephant!  Their batteries never die.

Since living in the mould pit, Cecil has experienced a shocking round of conjunctivitis that almost robbed him of his vision and each child has been incredibly ill with bad viral infections.  Thankfully, I avoided each illness bullet shot my way –  Pffft it’s a Mum thing, I am sure!  Giddy up!   I keep telling myself this renovation journey will all be worth it.

Taken today:


So… Club Le BraineO is shooting up like a golden star! Up she goes.

I have been told by many that renovating a home is one of the bigger stresses in life? Do you agree?  I do believe it will be worth it, and I hope Club Le BraineO will be operating by Christmas time…….

To see my Cecil so proud and to the see the kids so excited – already I feel like we have done the right thing, even though we have a long way to go yet.

“Homes” come in all shapes and sizes – no balconies, views, spiral staircases or pool rooms create the inner happiness – HOWEVER- by crikey and heaven help me…… that en-suite and walk-in robe is sure is going to help!

Giddy up! It’s all about the serenity!

LB 🙂